2 Seafoam Green or Sienna Orange?

I'm having trouble deciding on a signature color for Happy Horse. I've done lots of reading on what each color signals and there are pros and cons to each. I've picked out a color scheme but am unsure as to which color should be Happy Horse's signature. This will probably be the main color on signs, bags, and throughout the store. Since y'all had such great advice about the location on Bardstown Road, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Seafoam Green or Sienna Orange? 

Green Pros:
*Calming and relaxing
*Connotes earth-friendly
*Gender neutral

Green Cons:
*Less visibility
*No call to action

Orange Pros:
*Very attention getting
*Highly visible
*Warm and inviting
*Connotes value
*Gender neutral
*Creates a call to action

Orange Cons:
*Polarizing color - many people don't like orange


4 I'm No Longer Criticizing My Body, Just My Closet

I've made a promise to myself and to my husband and for my children. I'm no longer criticizing my body. It's not a New Year's resolution or something I'm giving up for Lent. It's something I hope to honor for the rest of my life.

As girls and women, its a female rite of passage to criticize your body. Its common to be hanging out with friends and one woman will make a criticism of her body, something along the lines of I have a muffin top in these jeans. Then, one by one, the rest of the women will chime in with their own body woes.

My boobs are so saggy and gross since breastfeeding. 
Ugh, I hate the way my legs look in shorts. 
Well, I need to lose at least 20 pounds. 

Its so common and expected of women that its weird to decline to participate. Its interpreted as arrogance. This is brilliantly illustrated by a scene in Mean Girls.

And so, like most women who want to fit into societal norms, I played the game. I criticized a litany of things I didn't like about my body, starting around 6th grade and ending about a month ago. Its hard to break a nearly 20 year habit.

The breaking point when I was giving birth to my son. I was in active labor and in a lot of pain. In between contractions when I was able to speak, a nurse who was assisting me said she needed to ask a few questions. She then went through a battery of standard pregnancy and health-related questions that I answered easily. Then she asked me what I weighed. In front of my husband. 

Now this is a man who is watching me give birth for the second time. We've been together for nearly a decade. He's seen me at a very thin 120 pounds. And now he's watching me in the deepest recesses of pain, naked, and heavily pregnant.  

For a moment, I considered walking over to the computer and just typing in the numbers myself. But then I realized just how stupid that was. So I said it. 170 pounds. I then shot him a look as if to say, What do you think? Do you still love me? Is that too much? I promise I'll lose it as soon as I can.

The look he gave me back said, I don't give a shit. I'll love you forever. No. Who cares.

My whole life I've tried to follow the unwritten rules that I can't weigh more than 130 pounds, with 120 the ultimate goal. There's some leniency in being pregnant. You can weigh up to 145 pounds. Cross the 150 pound point and forget it.

Well, I hadn't crossed 150; I had pole vaulted over 150. And it was fine. I was fine. 

I can't keep criticizing my body and guarding my weight like its my most intimate secret. I can't keep pretending that I'm not created in God's image.

When I criticize my body, I communicate to men, women, and my children that there is a feminine ideal and I don't fit into it and I deserve to be shamed until I do. My daughter then mimics my example and my son then expects women to attain an unattainable ideal all because their mother - me - taught them this.

I will strive for health, well-being, and strength. I will no longer hold myself to some impossible standard and then vocally berate myself when I inevitably fall short. 

I will be furious at my closet when I have nothing to wear because my closet is full of size 4. I will not be furious at my body for no longer being a size 4. 


1 So Here's the Deal on that Place in the Highlands...

You guys, I like it so much.

But I think its too small. 

It's a LEED-certified green building, which I don't really know what that means, except that its very energy efficient and one of the greenest buildings in Kentucky which is pretty cool.

It has a beautiful kitchenette area complete with a stainless steel mini-fridge and granite countertops. 

It has a built-in entertainment center and big flat screen TV perfect for showing kid's movies. 

It's wheelchair and stroller accessible, something that is very, very important to me.

It has gorgeous recycled hardwood floors that would require very little maintenance. 

It has tons of windows perfect for showing off merchandise and inviting people to come in and have a look.

It has off-street parking. On Bardstown Road. For real.

Its got a private bathroom with one of those Dyson hand drying things. (It's the little things).

It's close to fantastic coffee shops, restaurants, and lots of other shopping. 

It's got tons of car and foot traffic. 

It's in an area with plenty of young families who need the things that Happy Horse provides. 

But its so, so small. How small? I took this photo standing at the very back of the building. 

So what's wrong with having such a small space? The spacious kid's play area I planned will have to be cut drastically. I won't be able to have a designated space for nursing mothers. Instead of carrying gear, kid's clothing in sizes 0-12, and maternity I'll probably only get to carry a few strollers and kid's clothing in 0-6. No maternity and no older kid stuff. I won't have an organized and separate space for consignors to bring in their items. I won't have an office or a little area in the back room for my children to take a nap.

Despite of all this, I still feel myself falling in love with this space. I can't make an emotional investment in a space until after the lease is signed. 

What do y'all think? 


1 Presenting...

The new Happy Horse logo!

I'm really proud of it. I was going for something that was casual and fun and really, really cool. My beautiful, hilarious, and talented sister-in-law designed it. Hope you like it as much as I do!


3 Life Update & Happy Horse Progress


Its been awhile. Since I've last blogged, I had a baby and that baby is now almost five months old. I've visited family in Texas and joined a beautiful church and cooked 100+ dinners and exercised 2.5 times and had a million brilliant ideas for blog posts that never quite came to fruition. Does anyone else have a running journal/blog in their mind? I do. And let me tell you, my imaginary blog is WAY better than my real one.

Remember my little bit of children's clothing and gear? It's currently housed in my small shotgun in Germantown. I say "housed" rather than "stored" because saying "stored" leads you to believe its in a roomy closet or spare bedroom rather than on one side of an extra-wide hallway. I've walked by it countless times and eye rolled at it countless times because it annoyed me and reminded me that Happy Horse was only 50% funded. Until recently….

About a month ago, the last of the money came in. I make it sound like manna from heaven just casually appeared on my doorstep. It was more like my husband and I managed to scrape together more money and a family member agreed to loan us the rest. (Thank you Family Member! You know who you are. :) )

So, now begins the fun part. And also the scary part. Finding a location. Choosing software and equipment and racks and bags and hangers and decor. Setting up social media accounts and participating in owner's forums and recalculating break-even points. Throwing away at least two credit card offers a day. Finishing taxes and regretting being taxed as an S Corp and regretting not hiring an accountant and reminding myself that everyone makes rookie mistakes especially rookies.

I'm excited. I drove down Bardstown Road today to scope out available leases and came across this little gem.

It's Highland Cleaner's Discovery Center (you can read more about it here). Seems to have lots of pros: great location, energy efficient, beautiful and open interior, off-street parking, and wheelchair accessible. But it has one con that may be a deal breaker: only a little over 600 sq ft. I'm going to see it this weekend and I'll let you know what I think.
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